Way past time for a new post

2012-08-19 17:32:20 by SevenSeize

I have been so freaking busy. Went back to work and it's kicking my ass.

Did you get to enjoy clock day? Did any of you kids rack up on B/P points? Is that the cool thing to do anymore? I'm old. 11 years of clocks, isn't it beautiful?

Despite being old, I am still a huge nerd and I am super excited that EA games finally got all of those letters I've been sending, and they are finally making Sims 3 seasons.

All I need now is Fallout 4 and I can die happy.

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Way past time for a new post


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2012-08-19 18:04:20

Noo, I didn't rack up any (or many) b/p points - rain outside made my stolen WiFi not work so well, and, what, only two (2) things got blammed that day?! I'm concentrating on blams, now that I'm a PFC 'n all. 10-11 years ago, I wanted an even number of blam/save points....
Here's to hoping work and health go well for ya :3

SevenSeize responds:

Thanks homie. I usually protect, unless it's complete garbage. I need to get some work done right now but instead I am playing with my adorable pet mouse.


2012-08-20 01:35:36

Clock Day was fun. I got to work with EJR, Techno, and Jay to make a neat flash with alts. Thanks for asking! Hoping all is well in your life. :D

P.S. Ready for football season?!?!

SevenSeize responds:

I am hoping both of my teams do not suck as bad as they did last year!


2012-08-20 06:28:49

Fallout 4 will make all that is wrong right.

SevenSeize responds:

I believe this statement 100%


2012-08-20 08:38:31

We're both old, 7C's. I can feel my wrinkles creepin up on me.

SevenSeize responds:

I'm a chick, I can't get wrinkles!!!!!!


2012-08-22 07:54:57

Pffft. Silly 7C's. That rule doesn't apply on the Internetz. You become a faceless male here. Ergo, every time you're on the Internetz, you'll get wrinkles. Better shut dat connection down. ;B