My cat took my pizza.

2013-02-24 18:20:10 by SevenSeize

I have been in and out of the hospital all month. This has been super super lame. Gotta have one exploratory surgery and then another regular surgery later on. Not looking forward to it.

Have you upgraded your account to be a supporter of Newgrounds yet? You get a badge for every year you support our site and it removes all the ads, which makes coming to Newgrounds better for your health. Plus it helps Tom and Wade keep food on the table.

Part of my new years resolution this year was to promote poxpower's awesome site, thepoxbox. Being in the hospital, I got behind on his shenanigans. Here, we see the pox in his native habitat, making beer, the beverage of his people.

Here is an unrelated picture. It really isn't that funny and I laugh waaaaayyy too much at it every time I see it.

My cat took my pizza.


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2013-02-24 18:24:15

Did you get the pizza back from your cat? It was the fat one wasn't it? Tabbies love italian food.

SevenSeize responds:

Crosseye is the fattest and he isn't tabby.


2013-02-24 21:05:41

I want to get another Supporter badge, but I'm poor. Will you hate me if I wait until my birthday to get it? That's in like October. :0

SevenSeize responds:

I will not hate you good sir.


2013-02-25 12:24:25

Seems like when I talk to people from other countries, they can't get over how sick Americans are. They also say their own countries have more freedom, than we have here in the US :\
Hope you don't get intubated like I did 2 weeks ago.... nasty, but the pain does subside noticeably within 6 hours. Takes almost a week for the swallower to work right.

SevenSeize responds:

I went into anaphylactic shock once and almost had to be intubated. I hope you are feeling better. I hate to pull the hippie card but I think we are more unhealthy here because of all of the chemicals they allow to be put in our food. I'm having an endoscopy done in a few weeks and having my gallbladder out as well. I eat fairly healthy. I don't smoke and drink. Hell I don't even have caffeine anymore. I am a bit annoyed I am having to deal with this. but. meh. Can't do anything about it.


2013-02-28 19:14:15

I've never known what it's like to be Poe. Is it like havin' Moe riches?

SevenSeize responds:

It is.


2013-03-01 07:38:42

Thank goodness. I was worried about havin' Moe.