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Entry #51

Mexican Food

5/29/14 by SevenSeize
Updated 5/29/14

I'm going to get Mexican food with EJR , we hungry! Want some damn fajitas. What the hell you guys been up to?

I have a little time off work, which really means I'll be working, but working from home. Guess I should stop being so damn lazy and do something productive!

First things first, time for me to slut up my page.....

***A bunch of really talented people from Newgrounds(Stamper, RicePirate, Oney,Spazkid, JohnnyUtah, Cosmicdeath, Shadman, PsychicPepples---I am sure there's more!) have gotten together, made love, and created a new website for their flash animations. It's really well put together, and I'm there too.  But I don't have any sort of connections. I'm not in the cool kids club and I don't get to sit with them at lunch. I'm that socially ackward chick by herself in the corner reading while sadly eating my bologna sandwich.....I didn't get them a pie and they're not speaking to me or letting me come to prom.

****Poxpower has been really busy with his hot supermodel girlfriend, but I like to promote his page whenever I can because aside from Newgrounds, it's one of the best places on the internet.

******If you haven't gone through Tom's post about NATA submissions, you really need to. There are some awesome things in here you are missing out on!

**** WadeFulp has started metal detecting and while you may be thinking, "so?' you really need to go see all the stuff he is finding! I know my yard does not have all of the cool stuff his does! You can follow Wade's adventures in metal detecting here:

If you get really really really bored, you can follow me on Instagram too, but I am lazy and don't update as much as Wade. And my yard is boring so my photos are pretty boring as well.



.Here's a completely unrelated video. Feel free to use the comments below to complain about this video/complain about me/complain about Mexican food, or to offer to pay for my and EJR's Mexican food.



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1 month ago

yeah but bologna sandwiches are the best

3 weeks ago SevenSeize responds:

I used to make fried bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I haven't had bologna in forever!


1 month ago

Hmm, ever have authentic salt water taffy? Haven't been to the shore in well over a decade... ah, Monmouth peanut brittle, not that far from me, top notch stuff!

Oh Wade... I know what his mystery items are, that gear looks like it came off of a hay baler, the tip cleaner is for acetylene torch tips. O_O You found that many 4 leaf clovers? I found 2 very small ones growing up (almost wrecked my eyes), but ended up giving them both away, wish I hadn't - that dead rabbit foot was defective |:

3 weeks ago SevenSeize responds:

I just did have some real salt water taffy! (just got back from Florida) They had a ton.

I am obsessed with Wade's metal instagram page. I love finding old things...and just old things in general. I am obsessed with abandoned buildings and ghost towns and every time he posts on instagram I want to go buy a metal detector. '

I find four leaf clovers constantly. My luck has not gotten any betetr :-(



I'm still pissed the Cincinnati food I sent you never reached you. >:(



Mexican food with EJR eh? Did not know you two lived in the same area. X3
Mexican food is great.

5/29/14 SevenSeize responds:

We don't. But if we did, we'd be getting fajitas! :-)