Mexican Food

2014-05-29 17:25:34 by SevenSeize

I'm going to get Mexican food with EJR , we hungry! Want some damn fajitas. What the hell you guys been up to?

I have a little time off work, which really means I'll be working, but working from home. Guess I should stop being so damn lazy and do something productive!

First things first, time for me to slut up my page.....

***A bunch of really talented people from Newgrounds(Stamper, RicePirate, Oney,Spazkid, JohnnyUtah, Cosmicdeath, Shadman, PsychicPepples---I am sure there's more!) have gotten together, made love, and created a new website for their flash animations. It's really well put together, and I'm there too.  But I don't have any sort of connections. I'm not in the cool kids club and I don't get to sit with them at lunch. I'm that socially ackward chick by herself in the corner reading while sadly eating my bologna sandwich.....I didn't get them a pie and they're not speaking to me or letting me come to prom.

****Poxpower has been really busy with his hot supermodel girlfriend, but I like to promote his page whenever I can because aside from Newgrounds, it's one of the best places on the internet.

******If you haven't gone through Tom's post about NATA submissions, you really need to. There are some awesome things in here you are missing out on!

**** WadeFulp has started metal detecting and while you may be thinking, "so?' you really need to go see all the stuff he is finding! I know my yard does not have all of the cool stuff his does! You can follow Wade's adventures in metal detecting here:

If you get really really really bored, you can follow me on Instagram too, but I am lazy and don't update as much as Wade. And my yard is boring so my photos are pretty boring as well.



.Here's a completely unrelated video. Feel free to use the comments below to complain about this video/complain about me/complain about Mexican food, or to offer to pay for my and EJR's Mexican food.



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2014-05-29 17:53:52

Mexican food with EJR eh? Did not know you two lived in the same area. X3
Mexican food is great.

SevenSeize responds:

We don't. But if we did, we'd be getting fajitas! :-)


2014-06-08 22:43:18

I'm still pissed the Cincinnati food I sent you never reached you. >:(


2014-06-19 03:08:39

Hmm, ever have authentic salt water taffy? Haven't been to the shore in well over a decade... ah, Monmouth peanut brittle, not that far from me, top notch stuff!

Oh Wade... I know what his mystery items are, that gear looks like it came off of a hay baler, the tip cleaner is for acetylene torch tips. O_O You found that many 4 leaf clovers? I found 2 very small ones growing up (almost wrecked my eyes), but ended up giving them both away, wish I hadn't - that dead rabbit foot was defective |:

SevenSeize responds:

I just did have some real salt water taffy! (just got back from Florida) They had a ton.

I am obsessed with Wade's metal instagram page. I love finding old things...and just old things in general. I am obsessed with abandoned buildings and ghost towns and every time he posts on instagram I want to go buy a metal detector. '

I find four leaf clovers constantly. My luck has not gotten any betetr :-(


2014-06-22 23:25:43

yeah but bologna sandwiches are the best

SevenSeize responds:

I used to make fried bologna sandwiches when I was a kid. I haven't had bologna in forever!


2014-08-17 13:12:05

I usually get bologna when I go food shopping, bleh. If I don't finish it, the cats get a treat. I'm just as likely to make a tuna fish sammich, or french toast, or a BLT (with butter and mayo)

SevenSeize responds:

I have been eating BLTs like every single day. I can't remember if I told you in our PM or not, but I have like a BLT addiction right now.


2014-08-17 16:17:22

I gotta watch, the skins of some odd ball tomatoes can give me IBS, though I haven't had that in quite a while :) I'd rather be eating fresh groundhog lol, the grill seems to be doing okay, despite some regulator issues. Got some box cake... might as well, it's been so cool out.

Also got 3 boiled eggs... I haven't made deviled eggs since Pop passed away, and when I made them for him, well, memories n' shit :\

SevenSeize responds:

I baked 4 cakes this week---so much going on and people needed cakes from me!

I love deviled eggs!!!


2014-08-17 19:18:46

I really have to be in the mood to bake to get it right. I prefer to whip and mix things by hand... as such, my sister is making me mail her ma's mixmaster and every adapter made for it. Weighs in just under 60 pounds, I hope....

SevenSeize responds:

I'm making oven fried pork chops right now


2014-08-19 21:39:16

Pork seems to be the only reliable cheap meat these days, I usually get it boneless and make kebobs. My Ma used to put them in the oven, and they'd be in there too long... she was quite leery of trichinosis |:


2014-08-19 22:58:59

Wish I could be 29 again...


2014-09-30 06:50:59

do you believe in karma? i do. on labor day, i had 85 cents left in my pocket. i lost my debit card. i lost my ID. i couldnt get a check from my job, and i couldnt access the funds on the card for some fuck ass reason (dont worry i cursed out a satisfactory amount of people over this). i had no idea the next time i'd see money. so broke lil me is riding my broke lil bike down the usual streets to get to work and BAM

170 dollars flowing in the grass

like a present

just for me

i wish i could tell you i spent that money wisely but the moral of this story is karma exists. good. bad. it exists.

SevenSeize responds:

:-) It's still a really good story and I'm glad you are ok.


2014-10-03 23:01:04

I thought about you today. This kid wanted to count all the letter C's he could find on a page. He counted "Seven Cs!" You immediately popped into my head. Then I thought about how pretty and intelligent and cool you are. Hope all is going well :)

SevenSeize responds:

I have been soooooo busy with work!!!! But I am good, thank you for thinking of me!!! :-) How are you?


2014-10-19 20:41:39

I am good as well :)

SevenSeize responds:

Next time we go out for Mexican, you come with us!!!


2014-11-27 21:18:04

Blah, Chinese 2 days in a row. I haven't forgotten you old friend :)


2015-01-01 15:21:33

Man, now I want Mexican food. THANKS A LOT, SEIZE.

SevenSeize responds:

I'm on a diet now so no Mexican food for me. :-(


2015-01-02 20:05:11

I made tacos new year's day, though I'm not happy with the new flat bottomed shells, can't even say why. I had BLT's for Christmas alone, stupid chicken didn't thaw out in time, so I had that on the weekend and watched some new Top Gear episodes (old men and neat cars lol)

Okay, so what do you think of it all (everything)? "In the next Sevenseize newspost...."

SevenSeize responds:

I made flat shell tacos on new years eve.


2015-01-04 02:11:34

Lol, you sound like my cousin's wife to me - every time I visited her, we always ended up making the same thing for our families, if not day by day, within a day or two of each other... so much for trying to cook outside the box


2015-01-08 04:07:13

Got time for art this weekend?

SevenSeize responds:

I always think about going to comicon when it comes to NO but New Orleans is dangerous. I try to go when things aren't going on. I'll get up the courage and go eventually.


2015-01-08 23:33:03

We still on for Mexican food?????

SevenSeize responds:

I am still really hungry so yes, let's go!


2015-02-13 22:19:43

Tom kinda reversed blog comments, so the oldest list first... kinda stupid, treating a blog like a thread |:

SevenSeize responds:

I guess I better make a new blog to get used to it, lol. Thanks for the notification!


2015-03-14 19:24:54



2015-03-23 20:17:30

Om nom nom nom.

SevenSeize responds:

Do you eat tamales? Let's get tamales.


2015-03-27 11:20:06

I need more 7C in my life

SevenSeize responds:

I need more of me in my life as well. Work is consuming my soul. I made cake though, if you want cake.