Well it's true......

2017-10-08 13:15:47 by SevenSeize

Artist News---I'm actually doing Inktober this year. Feel free to 5 or zero bomb my art submissions based on how much you love/hate me

More important news---- @funkbrs and I are starting a new tinder type dating service. 

I was thinking, I'd like a tinder just for food, where I am matched up with other people who want to eat the same things. 

My entry would say, "29/F, wants something covered in cheese" 

If you are one of those people who only eats kale, you'd swipe me away. 

If you also like the loaded fries at Outback, you'd HMU. 

It could be NSA food meet ups-- we meet to eat this once and never speak of it again

or, it could be serious food meet ups-- we both LOVE Mexican, let's have tacos together every Thursday. 

Who wants to invest? 


I can put a bath bomb in my jacuzzi tub and play Pocket Mortys on my phone for 2 hours. 

Kids in the 80s couldn't game in the tub unless they wanted to die. 

Glad yall behaved for @jackho and @righttime . When I get out of the tub, we can all go to McDonalds. 

Here's an unrelated video:


Goin outta town

2017-09-12 20:29:17 by SevenSeize

I am going out of country for awhile. I'll be back eventually, just don't know how great internet service will be.

In my absence, I am leaving @RightTime and @Jackho in charge. You have to do whatever they say.

If I come back and find out yall didn't behave for them, NO ONE gets McDonalds. 

Here's a picture somewhat related to my post. 


Wonder Woman and other random crap

2017-06-23 11:21:46 by SevenSeize

Who has seen it? 

I really enjoyed it, but I liked WW already, so I am biased. 

Vicarious, if you come by, my last newspost refused to publish your comments. I kept getting errors. I still love you, please blame Russia. 

We just had a tropical storm roll through and it sucked. 

Our local Beef O Bradys closed and I can't get pub chips anymore and I am sad. 

Also, who has had the Lucky Charms shake from Burger King? Is it good? I want it. 

One of yall told me you had the Fruit Loops one and it was good. 

and a longshot---anyone else watch the Bethesda showcase at E3 this year? I was super disappointed I stayed up late for that. WGAF about VR??? 


@wafflecrisp inspired me to add Barbie Girl by Aqua to my newspost. 



2017-04-14 17:46:56 by SevenSeize

Anyone else watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? I used to watch the old one from the 80s and 90s. 

They just released a brand new season on Netflix. Obviously it's got some new folks, so I wasn't expecting it to be as good, but I am loving it. 

It's corny as fuck but sometimes at the end of the day you need that. 


I love Rick and Morty.....

2017-04-11 19:36:14 by SevenSeize

....more than a friend.