Wonder Woman and other random crap

2017-06-23 11:21:46 by SevenSeize

Who has seen it? 

I really enjoyed it, but I liked WW already, so I am biased. 

Vicarious, if you come by, my last newspost refused to publish your comments. I kept getting errors. I still love you, please blame Russia. 

We just had a tropical storm roll through and it sucked. 

Our local Beef O Bradys closed and I can't get pub chips anymore and I am sad. 

Also, who has had the Lucky Charms shake from Burger King? Is it good? I want it. 

One of yall told me you had the Fruit Loops one and it was good. 

and a longshot---anyone else watch the Bethesda showcase at E3 this year? I was super disappointed I stayed up late for that. WGAF about VR??? 


@wafflecrisp inspired me to add Barbie Girl by Aqua to my newspost. 



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2017-06-23 16:26:22

Is that not Fallout Shelter on your icon?

SevenSeize responds:

It's the loading screen from Fallout 3, although all of the Fallout games have used a similar "Please stand by" variation.


2017-07-06 21:42:25

i heard bethesda was garbage this year lol

did you try the shake yet ive never heard of that but now i want it

SevenSeize responds:

Hey hun! I haven't heard from you in forever!!! Hope you are doing well.
Bethesda was garbage this year. Skyrim is their dead horse, and they are beating it.
I tried the shake. It had good flavor, but the texture was awful, because you had milk shake, but then chunks of cereal. It wasn't blended enough.


2017-08-03 08:13:08

I'm a bug magnet, new code doesn't like me.

Kinda surprised BK is on top in quality when it comes to burger chains. Ha, no way I'd try those name brand shakes, Oreos are just as addictive as cocaine. Decent butter fat, decent chocolate or vanilla (both are almost always imitations), I'm a happy old man. Actually don't mind fast food shakes, as they have no relation to milk, which has gotten so bad, I've gone to lactose free and oddly half n half... and FFS if I see another old treat proudly saying their shit's been ruined by genetic engineering ._.

Nice vid, there were some anime versions of the song floating around back then, and a parody song "I'm An Ugly Girl"

SevenSeize responds:

It let me reply to you this time, so maybe they caught onto us!

I am trying to eat less sugar anyway, so I stay away from shakes in general.

Sugar is my weakness.

and I love to bake.


2017-08-04 18:44:02

Oh man, Wonder Woman was great.
I was really touched by how innocent she was and how she was delighted to see a babby.

SevenSeize responds:

They did a good job on it yep


2017-08-06 18:13:00

Hey I bought some Wonder woman cards. Made me want to play solitaire again.

SevenSeize responds:

You play poker? We can play that.


2017-08-06 19:34:04

I forgot how to play poker. I've always wanted to play with items but not money. Also it would be interesting to gamble with games like risk or axis and allies.

SevenSeize responds:

I play Texas Hold em. I have a bunch of poker chips we could use.
I also have Fallout Monopoly, and The Oregon Trail card game.


2017-08-06 19:40:11

Fallout Monopoly sounds awesome. So do you live in Texas too?

SevenSeize responds:



2017-08-19 20:00:35

So the pip boy GOTY edition is back in stock on bethesda's website, but on checkout it gives me some nonsensical error message about requiring multiple shipping methods so I can't get through.

Man the universe REALLY does not want me getting my hands on this wrist mounted piece of plastic

SevenSeize responds:

That's happened to me on Bethesda's site with other items.
I'm not even sure how durable it is. I've only worn it twice. I really wanted it for
Cosplay. I keep saying I'll make a vault suit one day.


2017-08-30 12:34:03

Wonder woman was nice, but the ending seemed a bit contrived. Couldn't the guy freakin' dodge like the umpteen other times??

SevenSeize responds:

You right


2017-09-06 19:31:57

At the risk of sounding boring, how's the weather been? Online racing buddy of mine took some pics of his neighbors car, hail decimated it (roof of car lookd like a golf ball, or was hit by a few hundred), seems like the worst shit storms can be very localized

SevenSeize responds:

It got kinda rough with Harvey, we were outta school for 2 days. Fortunately my area received little damage.