What a great time to be alive......

2017-09-21 20:06:09 by SevenSeize

I can put a bath bomb in my jacuzzi tub and play Pocket Mortys on my phone for 2 hours. 

Kids in the 80s couldn't game in the tub unless they wanted to die. 

Glad yall behaved for @jackho and @righttime . When I get out of the tub, we can all go to McDonalds. 

Here's an unrelated video:



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2017-09-22 23:49:27

I always thought the life long dream was to make toast while taking a bath, Gameboy has been around to long to consider gaming in the tub as ludicrous...

SevenSeize responds:

Can I just eat toast, while taking a bath?


2017-09-23 10:54:24

That kind of defeats the purpose of making a balanced breakfast from the confinements of the bathroom, doesn't it? Obviously, the tricky part is poaching an egg with nothing more then a toaster and a bath tub full of water...

SevenSeize responds:

I have trouble poaching eggs period.
They taste good, but aren't pretty.


2017-09-25 15:45:42

Absolutely nothing wrong with scrambled poached eggs as long as one does not start showing symptoms of salmonella, unlike that new breakfast egg shell taco that gives me such symptoms just looking at it...

SevenSeize responds:

You know, I love tacos, but there is NOTHING about that egg shell taco that I find appealing. Gag.