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2017-12-07 22:02:52 by SevenSeize

I’ll be taking time off from the BBS. Until I feel like myself again.  If you signed up for Christmas cards, I am still sending them, probably next week. :-) 

I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life, in relation to Newgrounds. A lot of you know the entire story. Some of you only know bits and pieces.

Wall of text-- but basically, my best friend of ten years—a decade—was another moderator on this site, and we are not best friends anymore.

Some of you know who he is. Please don’t post about it anywhere. I don’t want the headache for our admins.

He wasn’t just an internet friend, we’d met many times in real life. I knew his family. He knew my family. He lived with me and my family for an entire week once. We called each other every single day. He was the one person I KNEW would always have my back, and man I was wrong.

He’s not a good person. And I learned it the hard way.

Some of you, bbs old folks, tried to warn me about him 10 years ago, but I was certain he was just misunderstood. I didn’t listen.  I’m sorry. This was hands down, the biggest mistake I have ever made, in my entire life.

He is sociopathic, manipulative, and a pathological liar. He is a predator who has harassed, and run off, several female NG users over the years. I thought he had changed. I was POSITIVE he had grown up and changed. He knew all the right words to say. I feel for it hook, line, and sinker.

I feel awful that I helped get him modded.

About a year ago, he got caught up lying to another user about lots of things…..catfishing I guess you call that? A double life online….. When confronted by said user, he panicked and gave that user a ton of my personal information, to try to make himself look better somehow----It didn’t make a lot of sense.  When confronted by ME, he then gave ME a ton of personal information about the other user! I didn’t ask for it, he just turns into a coward and throws people under the bus. Since then, it has been one unbelievable thing after another being uncovered. I am quite blindsided, I won’t lie.

I spoke with the other user, and I am 100% protecting their information, both because I try to be a good mod, and because I’m not a shitty person. I trust said user to protect mine as well.

If you’re wondering why not go to Tom about this, the reason is because the mod in question isn’t a bad mod. He’s fair. He protects the site. His posts are mature. He’s a better mod than me, to be honest.  He hasn’t really done much that would get someone demodded---he’s just a bad person! And we don’t ban or demod folks just because they’re bad.

Man we’d be busy.

Anyway, like I said, it’s been a year since this happened. We’ve spoken once or twice a month since it all went down, during times such as deaths in the family or hospitalizations. Unfortunately, he is very close to some of my family members. He insists he is sorry. (He isn’t.) He insists he’d like to be my friend again. I told him to step down as moderator, and I’d know he was serious about being friends again, that he would no longer be using his position to manipulate people etc. And that I would know he hadn’t used me to get modded in the first place.

He said no. He said modding is a big part of his life and he needs it. More than a best friend.

He lives at home with his parents, is in his late 30s, and doesn’t work.  

And to my knowledge, I was his only friend. Not internet friend. Real life friend. For 10 years.

He chose modding over me.

So, if ya’ll know who he is, be sure to tell him what a great moderator he is, since that’s basically what he lives for.

I’ll be ok , but I just need to not be reminded of him for awhile. Does that make sense?

I’ll come by to check PMs. I’ll be on the discord chat too.  A lot of you are good friends of mine. I want to keep up with you. And I love Newgrounds. I love being a supporter. I love modding. I hope that my break is a short one and I am back on the BBS soon.

Love yall


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