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This is the best damn movie on this entire website. None before it matter anymore. None that come after will ever shine so brightly.
You do God's work. Are you a God?

Well, I'll be the wicked bitch of the west and say I don't care if it's live action. YouTube is dominating right now, and to compete with YouTube, newgrounds has to grow and change. It's CLEAR lots of hard work and time went into this. It should be judged on its content, and we shouldn't be chasing off talented people.
Plus, I'm a sucker for anything post apocalyptic.

Oh wow, this is wicked
The message
The animation
The style

THE MESSAGE---- right on guys.

Love it!

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LOVE all the references and Easter eggs. I was overjoyed when I found the FNAF and Skyrim ones. Great job, I can tell so much work went into this, so many details!

PuffballsUnited responds:


I wasted my life savings on this. I demand compensation.

You had my heart as soon as I saw Bob Ross. Also, about those poxpower pixel posters, I have a few and they have changed my life. I lost like 30 lbs. and stopped drinking and a boy even asked me out. I highly recommend others try this product! Good job guys. I'm gonna work on getting the rest of the medals.

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This is the soundtrack to my life.

Zanzlanz responds:

Our society is really about secret boxes.

I... don't know what I just said, haha! Thank you!

I love this! It's pretty and dark and perfect.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks RealFaction makes a great Darnell!

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This is my favorite piece you've done so far.
I love woodsy art!

I love it! Probably my most favorite piece you've ever done!

NuclearWorm responds:

Thanks. i wrote a story behind it and i was considering doing a sort of comic style story on it but thx to mono been dizzy so wonky

I love it! I love the detail on the water neat the faucet and I love how it changes as it falls. Great detail!

OblixofE responds:

Thanks! It was one if the first times I tried to draw water fully fleshed out, so I looked into the Etherington Brothers's tutorial on the subject.

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